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Advanced training

Advanced training develops the skills and knowledge gained in basic training and widens their horizons through free practice with limited moves (bout with agreed conditions) and through free fencing, where all theoretical knowledge and practical experience come to be employed (free bout).

Advanced training is focused on fencing with the weapons of different historical epochs.

19th century: Italian military sabre, bayonet rifle

17th -18th century: French smallsword

17th -18th century: Polish sabre

17th century: Spanish rapier

Equipment: fencing mask (1600 Newtons), fencing jacket (800 Newtons), fencing gloves, adequate pads.
Weapons: student’s own sabre, smallsword, rapier, bayonet

Fencing with the heavier weapons (sabre, smallsword, rapier, bayonet rifle) requires adequate reinforced fencing gear.
Training weapons do not have sharp edges and points, nevertheless their use always requires adherence to principles of SAFETY and DISCIPLINE, and strictly FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS given by the teacher.