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Basic Training

All new arrivals to the Czech Lands Salle d’Armes, Prague, learn classical fencing of the 19th century, with foil and duelling sword, which forms the basis of the curriculum.

Tuition starts with basic stances and steps, continuing with the basic weapon positions and parries, on to attacks, ripostes and irregular manouvres.

During basic training students get to know thrusts, attack renewals, feints, binds and their changes, beat attacks, glides and grazes, dodges and disengagements, all of which they then develop in set exercises (with the emphasis on the maximum possible accuracy and subsequent speed) and also in freer exercises (where it is not known beforehand, who will be hit)

Equipment: fencing mask (350 Newtons), fencing jacket (350 Newtons), fencing gloves.
Weapons: French foil and duelling sword (provided by the A.D. school)

In the first three months of training, the student will only require their own pair of fencing gloves and black sport clothes. After three months one’s own fencing mask and jacket are necessary.

Training weapons do not have sharp edges and points, nevertheless their use always requires adherence to principles of SAFETY and DISCIPLINE, and strictly FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS given by the teacher.

Foil, épée and smallsword positions