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In the Czech Lands Salle d’Armes, Prague, we fence with the following weapons:

19th century: French foil and duelling sword, Italian military sabre (Luigi Barbasetti line), bayonet

17th – 18th century: French smallsword.

17th – 18th century: Polish sabre.

17th century: Spanish rapier.

Weapons from the period of classical fencing in the 19th century (French foil, duelling sword, Italian military sabre, bayonet) are the basic and fundamental weapons of our school.
Weapons from earlier periods (French smallsword, Polish sabre and Spanish rapier) are an option for our more advanced students.
Weapons used in our training are high-quality replicas of period weapons, created by our swordsmith according to originals from museums and private collections.

Note of Caution:

A requirement for fencing with training weapons is adequate protective gear (see Methodology – Basic/Advanced training).
Training weapons do not have sharp edges and points, nevertheless their use always requires adherence to principles of SAFETY and DISCIPLINE, and strictly FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS given by the teacher.

Technical terms:

maître d’armes – fencing master
prévôt d’armes – fencing teacher
la Salle d’Armes – the fencing school

Drawing by Eduard Wagner 1965